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Alan Action Presents  The Bud Fowler Mohawk Valley Hall of Fame Sports Classic 2021

Alan Action Presents The Bud Fowler Mohawk Valley Hall of Fame Sports Classic 2021

The focus of this great event series is multi-level and multi-purposed,  since this country has been racially-divided and most recently certain incidents having have inflamed the current social unrest, honoring this man Bud Fowler  and creating a directive of getting him into the Baseball   Hall of Fame as  induction is his right based on his performance, and will educate the public at large to this amazing man’s baseball contribution as a player and organizer, and will serve to bring Harmony and togetherness throughout the country based on his story of overcoming terrible racial obstacles,  and his several achievements on the baseball field,  that really have yet to be promoted or even understood in the modern-day era and  context. 

This subject matter is very relevant today and very relevant to the Chairman of NYSAB, Alan Action,  because I purchased the First National Bank of New York which is in Fort Plain the hometown of Bud Fowler and I plan to use the bank as a focal point of organization for the event series that I will be schedule tentatively for the weekend of September 10th, 11th and 12th.  NYSAB’s initial plan is to develop the bank as a social hall for honoring Bud Fowler and creating a “wall of fame” in his honor with different artifacts and artwork that will be created honoring this man’s baseball achievements. Additionally,  the bank will serve as a formal location for 2 or more Galas that NYSAB will plan for two evenings September 10th and 11th, coinciding with the 20th year Anniversary of the 911 tragedy in NYC,  and  there will be formal Gala events planned that will promote our sponsors and will recognize all the sponsors families in a beautiful setting at the bank. Since the background of Alan  is in the entertainment area, as partner and Marketing Director  with Dangerfield’s in NYC for over 10 years, many many entertainment stars will participate and perform, at the Galas, and we are planning a Comedy Event, Fashion Shows and other breakthrough events based on our NYC affiliates and the affiliates of our marketing partners throughout the years.    

Alan Action our chairman  personally been involved in the entertainment business for over 35 years and have produced over 10,000 successful events involving movies movie stars comedians bar and Bat Mitzvah’s corporate events weddings and big product launches and this event will bring all my experience to Bear to bring all the sponsors all the components that I have learned in the last 35 years for a successful  extravaganza honoring this great man and bringing Focus to the petitioning  of the hall of fame veterans committee to eventually  induct This man into the Hall of Fame.   

The event will be scheduled from September 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th (subject to change and to be determined) and will include several activities throughout those days utilizing possibly Little Falls New York Baseball Field Complex headed and directed by   Travis Heiser the owner of the Diamond Dawgs Baseball Team.    

The Purpose of This Event, is to Promote Bud Fowler‘s baseball legacy and promote his critical role in pioneering baseball, dealing with racial injustice and how he overcame these injustices and other obstacles, and performed in Baseball at a high level, and because of these efforts and others he should be considered an integral part of baseball history and lore, and should be summarily indicted into the baseball Hall of Fame.   

Schedule of Event 

The Event Series will be taking Place on September 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th (subject to change and to be determined). 

Name of the Event 

Alan Action Presents the Bud Fowler Mohawk Valley Hall of Fame Baseball and Sports Classic 

Components of Event 

  1. The bank will be utilized to stage at least Two Formal Galas with Music. Comedy, Fashion and Food Events taking place on every evening.  These events will be attended by some very important people and sponsors, Celebrity Invites, and the roster will be added to weekly daily and monthly.   
  2. Outdoor Events will included: On the Babe Ruth Field and Old Time Baseball Game that represents the Time Period that Bud Fowler Played In, and will be headed up by baseball Director Jeff Kornhaas, who does these tournaments all over the country.  Real Time period relevant and appropriate uniforms will be supplied with the Fowler name on the back.  
  3. A7Fl a Professional Tackle Football Team with no equipment that has garnered amazing praise from many in the NFL is considering taking over one of the fields on one day for a Professional All Star Team Exhibition.  I am very close with the owner of this league and he has expressed incredible interest n doing this. 
  4. Youth Baseball will be on the Little League Field.  I already have a top Queens League, the CP Stars That I have has an almost 20 year relationship with to commit to having a travel tournament for 10 and under division and 14 and under division , and they could play and compete with Fulton and or Montgomery County travel teams in the area.  

E. The MSBL owner, Steve Siegler, which is the largest Amateur baseball team in the USA is on board to bring two teams two or more teams to compete in a tournament on one of the field over the four day period.   

  1. The Baseball Diamond Dawgs would possibly provide a one game AllStar game in the Main Stadium, or if not available we will get the MSBL under 35 division to supply a couple of teams to have a tournament.     
  2. We also have a Skateboard, and Break Dancing  initiative whereby the Tennis Courts could be utilized, or Parking Lots to make a half pipe and have a riser stage  and we could do an exhibition of these amazing New Olympic Sports showcased there on one or more days.  
  3. We will supply Live Acts with Music from different genres, to sing National Anthems, do live performances throughout every days activities, and these bands and other musical talents can and will be sourced from the whole state including Herkimer, Montgomery and Fulton Counties.    There may be some Famous Bands that will participate with known names, as initial talk has landed much interest. 
  4. One of our longtime affiliates Al Dabah, a notable Producer, Director and Filmmaker  has expressed interest in helping as out in collaboration with his Main Stream Movie EXTRA INNINGS (view movie on Amazon Prime and visit the movie website) that has gotten critical acclaim, and reciprocally we will promote the Bud Fowler event and in conjunction we will promote viewership for his amazing baseball movie which has baseball as its central theme and explores areas of mental illness, coping with that, nuclear family struggles and baseball as its central narrative and ow baseball intersects and interacts with all these familial elements.  The movie is currently being distributed by a major Distribution Film Company and is currently available on Amazon, and Mr. Dabah has many friend and possible sponsors that will support our Bud Fowler initiative.    
  5. Car Collectors with Historic and Unique Vehicles AMIG Insurance and other Car Insurance Agencies, and with their help we will  cordon off an area at the Bank to do a local and State Wide Car show to occupy some of the Parking Area and create a Car Show and Vendor Experience and Car Show Contest.    

Sponsors of the Event 

Corporate Partners and Invited Sponsors to the event are under negotiation right now and as they are confirmed, they will; be broadcast and promoted throughout the media and on its website.   

Event Administrator Platform 

I have used Eventbrite for almost all my events, and they offer an online platform that will make ticketing transparent, and we will probably have multiple EventBrite events set up for online broadcast.  

Revenue for the Event  

The event administration  will be done entirely on the Eventbrite Platform, at www.nysabbudfowlerclassic21.eventbrite.com and all revenue will be processed through the Eventbrite site for ease of accounting and management.   We are also looking to link up with The Baseball Hall of Fame to work collaboratively and reciprocally to promote visiting  to the Hall through a promotional platform.   

Press for the Event 

We have tremendous contacts for Nationwide Press, and we will douse and promote all or Network Press providers for dissemination of this grand event, through all our Channels Like ESPN, Major League Baseball, The New York Yankees Organization, The New York Mets, all Newspapers and Radio and TV including WFAN in New York and all other collateral media.  

Talent and Cost of Talent and Insurance 

We will be responsible for paying and organizing and procuring  all Event Talent and all event talent will have their own Insurance and we will also have insurance on them and name anyone as additional insured way before the event.  

Results of Event. What The Event Will accomplish. 

The event must accomplish a Worldwide focus of understanding what Bud Fowler meant to baseball and our directive to inform the Hall of Fame and Initiate his consideration to be inducted to the Hall of Fame at the next Veterans Committee Meeting scheduled in December of 2021. In conjunction with a 911 Memorial presentation and a Flag Hanging Ceremony, we will bring attention on many fronts to the NYSAB published initiatives.   NYSAB directors have been in contact with the Hall of Fame and they also think that this event is incredibly timely and appropriate.  We also want to accomplish a healing process throughout baseball and the entire USA by EDUCATING who this man was, his struggles, and his victories that laid a path to making baseball desegregated and a beautiful uniting force in American history.  This event will broadcast the importance of this man historically and how his sheer existence in baseball and his accomplishments are relevant today more than ever and need to be introduced as a harmonizing glue that the country needs to heal.  It is a relevant and poignant story that needs to be promoted and never forgotten, and my job will be to do just that zealously, and factually.   


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