How this Beautiful & Iconic Bank Will Be Used

How this Beautiful & Iconic Bank Will Be Used

The Bank is an amazing architectural masterpiece that when looked at from the outside is quite impressive but the inside, appointed with Marble, Fantastic Double Level Windows that let in massive amounts of natural light, and the high ceilings make this an amazing and iconic structure that is part of the Art Deco era and has been beautifully maintained in its original candor.  The Space will have two separate Art Galleries, The Scott E. Schneider Wing which has two adjoining rooms, and the Main Art Gallery and Event Space of over 5,000 square feet , which will have unique art  artifacts, from New York State Based Artists all over the wall space, and throughout the room.

The Main Wall to the right of the bank when you walk in, will be dedicated to artwork, and character of Bud Fowler, the first black American Baseball player to play professional baseball sum 48 years before Jackie Robinson entered into the Major Leagues with the Brooklyn Dodgers. This “Wall of Fame” will be a permanently evolving display of relevant items and will evolve as the Bank gets traction in the community.  the goal of this Wall is to educate, the public at large the significance, of this baseball player, his iconic relevance to the game of baseball, and the exposure of the great things he did for baseball, with the ultimate goal of having him formally be on the next Veteran Ballot in the Fall of 2021, to indeed get inducted into the Hall of Fame.  See the documentary link: https://youtu.be/er2ui74dLBc

The basement of the bank which is another 5,000 square feet will house additional art space,  and galleries, and video and sound studios also will be constructed and are planned in the near Future.

The former ATM area has been converted into a complete workable and new kitchen so Catering and food serving can be done conveniently and efficiently, with multiple refrigeration, and freezing units, dishwashing capabilities, Cooking Fixtures, and Food Stores to store dry food.

Stadium Style Seating that has been acquired, Multiple booth units and other seating fixtures have been acquired to occupy the space as needed for a small concert, cocktail event, Music ensemble event, fashion show, and any event where refined and beautiful and elegant seating will be required.  Depending on the type of seating used, and combined, with standing room as well, hundreds can be accommodated in the space.

A VIP Suite equipped with changing facilities and a Green Room, has balcony access to view any event or show, from approximately 25 feet in the air, and has a capacity of 20 people.

The building is completely heated and air conditioned with the latest maintained heating and AC units that maintain a very comfortable temperature inside the building during all climates.  Incredibly the building is very well insulated, with its brick and mortar construction and maintains coolness in the summer and heat in the winter.

A full bar unit to accommodate special events that require liquor is currently under construction and will house all the latest liquors wines and beers, and will be in the area that was currently the Vault Room and will be called the Vault Bar.

Full Audio, Sound Reinforcement, Staging, Stage Lighting, and rigging are all at the ready to accommodate any special event, and sound and Video needs, and the Venue has a High Speed WIFI internet connection available through Spectrum at 5G speeds and offers free internet to all attendees in the bank.  


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