Board of Directors


Alan Action, Chairman

Alan Action was born in the Bronx and emigrated to Queens and then Nassau County New York, and attended Hofstra University and graduated with a dual Major In Speech Aris and Communications in 1985. In addition to attending and graduating Hofstra, Mr. Action also attended and graduated with a separate degree from the School of Visual Arts in NYC the same year. Right before graduating Hofstra, Mr. Action started a very Elite Entertainment Ensemble that was named Heatwave Productions that took New York by storm, and performed at events throughout the New York Metropolitan area from 1985 to 2011.

Throughout this period, Mr. Action maintained multiple crews, warehousing, sound and lighting equipment, décor, fleets of vehicles, staging and lighting equipment, Arcade Gaming Fixtures, DJ entertainers, dance ensembles, videography and Photography services that completed and executed successfully over 10,000 events that catered to over 1,000,000 attendees.

Mr. Action was an innovator in the Mobile DJ Entertainment industry by combining live music talent with highly experienced Club and Mobile D.J.s, state of the art Video and Sound and Staging systems, incredible Industry first, Lighting System and Rigs, and a unique blend of Broadway style dance ensembles. Mr. Action was in fact the Pinnacle of Mobile Entertainment for over 3 decades. Mr. Action, himself is an accomplished Emcee and radio voice that has dazzled thousands of special events clients that referred him out to the most successful venues in the tri state area. Historic Parties were produced by Mr. Action over the span of three decades, and still to this day he is requested at many special events for well known venues, celebrities and Corporations. Mr. Action is also an ASCAP Music Writer, a Music and Video Producer, a film maker, and an accomplished Keyboard player, ballroom dancer, Discographer and published professional photographer.

After 2011, Mr. Action rebranded his Entertainment ensemble company and consolidated into AlanAction productions where he partners with several online dating Companies and National Sponsors where he garners incredible reviews as a marketing powerhouse that zealously represents his clients needs beyond expectations, and received tons of press in Local and National Publications like the Daily News, GQ Magazine, the NY Post, Caters News agency and many many more.

In addition to working with many Corporate Brands, In fact, Mr. Action was also included as a key figure, and played the Bulgarian Billionaire in the Academy Award nominated, Aaron Sorkin’s Movie, Molly’s Game. Mr. Action partnered and became an equity share partner with Iconic Nightclub Dangerfield’s in NYC and Marketed the coveted 51 year old nightclub for over 11 years, brought in millions of dollars in revenue, and was key in maintaining and marketing the brand to maximum effectiveness, including soliciting the Production Company that shot the Academy award winning movie “ The Joker” with Joaquin Phoenix. Working with stars like Chris Rock, Kevin James, Jimmy Fallon, Seinfeld and many other star comics, was easily facilitated by Mr. Action’s high energy personality, his excellent communication skills and his unique contacts as an elite concierge in the NYC area for the last 25 plus years.

An avid Sports man, Mr. Action, the divorced father of one, still plays on two baseball teams in the MSBL and CMSBL, as a pitcher with an overall record with 122 wins, 37 losses and a 1.93 ERA, and attributes his effectiveness to throwing “Strategically placed balls, where slow delivery yields weak contact” In one scrimmage with the New Britain Bees, a minor league team, and in an intrasquad game Mr. Action through a no hitter and averaged pitching no faster than 78 miles an hour, with an average speed of his curveball at 52 MPH. Also a car collector car enthusiast, Mr. Action maintains a very sizeable and iconic car collection including his beautiful 1971 Lincoln Mark III Coupe that was in the Movie the French Connection in 1971. 

Mr. Action resides in New York and Florida and has produced some amazing charity events, one of which is his signature event that he does every year for Toys for Tots, which has brought in single handedly, more toys than any other event in the entire Toys For Tots Metro Area for 8 years in a row.

Energetic, directed, loyal and fiercely passionate about his endeavors, including his love of food, Mr. Action, as Director of NYSAB is looking to direct this venue into a significant and meaningful part of the rich history of NY State art and create a venue that will be an incubator space for all artists and all arts through expositions, gallery events, education, mentoring and broadcasting the message of the artist’s work and be a voice for all art and artists that ordinarily would not have this level of exposure and representation in a unique venue such as the New York State Arts Bank.


Samantha Carlson, Musical Director

Samantha Carlson, born June 28, 1988, in Mineola, New York, has been singing since age 2, and was raised in a musical family. She graduated from Northern Kentucky University in May of 2011 with a Bachelors Degree in Vocal Performance. She sings the classic standards from the 1920s through today, as well as jazz, big band, show-tunes, country, oldies, classical, opera, and pop … (English, Italian, Spanish, German, & French), but she identifies herself mainly as a jazz/standards singer. Some influences include Dean Martin, Ella Fitzgerald, Tony Bennett, Frank Sinatra, Doris Day, and Judy Garland. 

In 2013, Samantha performed at a benefit concert for PBS SoCal in Orange County, CA, with JT and California Dreamin’ in the Orange County area. She has performed alongside local and international celebrities such as Nick Clooney (2011-2015), Bucky & Martin Pizzarelli (2009), Maxine Brown (2007), Hilary Kole (2009, 2010), and Kevin Covais of American Idol (2006). Samantha has performed at “Birdland”, the legendary jazz club in New York City, as a guest artist in 2009 and 2010. From 2009-2018, she was the female vocalist for Swingtime Big Band — Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky/Indiana’s premiere 17-piece swing band. Samantha, along with Swingtime Big Band, performed at the 2009 opening night of the Cincinnati Red’s game. 

Samantha’s music can be heard on Jazz and Adult Standard and Adult Contemporary radio stations throughout the U.S., Australia, Canada, and South Africa, in addition to worldwide on SiriusXm’s “Siriusly Sinatra” Channel.

Samantha currently lives in Franklin Square, NY, where she can be seen performing with her jazz combo, vocal duo, or big band. She performs locally, and nationally.


Eric Slone, Director of Digital Media

Eric Slone was born and raised in Long Island, NY.  He has an older sister and twin brother.  Eric mainly grew up in Bellmore and then moved to Suffolk County in 2004.  Eric has an extensive background in music and marketing.

Highly influenced by Eddie Van Halen, at age 10, Eric began playing the guitar with great passion.  In his teenage years, he started playing in a variety of bands.  At age 16, Eric took on his first guitar student.  For the next two decades, Eric went on to teach hundreds of student’s across Long Island.  He also published 4 guitar instructional books.  Some of these books have been available at major retailers including Walmart, Amazon, and Guitar Center.  

Eric’s other passion in life is marketing.  In 2000, Eric graduated from SUNY Old Westbury with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Marketing.  He began developing websites shortly after and has continued doing so to this day.  Eric has worked with many businesses through a variety of services ranging from website design, digital marketing, social media, video creation, and graphic design.

Eric The Web Guy, owned and operated by Eric, is a quick growing company that services businesses of all sizes throughout New York and the United States.  Eric is a proud member of his local Chamber of Commerce.

Eric is also a father who loves spending every moment with his son.  He is devoted to his son and focuses on teaching him good values in life.  In his spare time, Eric enjoys biking, learning new skills, engaging in creative activities, and fine dining.


Jeff “Pinetar” Kornhaas, Baseball Authenticity Director

“Baseball has been very very good to me” (said in the accent of that famous line)

Jeff “Pinetar” Kornhaas has always been an enthusiastic baseball fan and an active individual. In 2007 the 19th century baseball style was growing and expanding in Connecticut and Jeff “Pinetar” jumped on and held on tight for a fun ride and adventure that has been so rewarding and memorable. The people and places and events of historic significance has been educational and amazing at the same time.

Jeff is excited to share the richness of the game and the historic reasons of the game with its evolution to all who wish to learn more and even try the game as it was played.

Pinetar will ask “who had the biggest influence on the creation and development of the game”, then if you do not know the answer Pinetar will share the true foundation of the game with you. 

Pinetar has evolved into a top pitcher by the 1860’s style pitching and form. He is well known for his big bats. Historically that is how bats were, big and heavy and monstrous in the early 19th century. they even had bats longer than 48” at times and later (1869) had to make a rule that bats could be no longer than 42”. Today a 42” bat is still allowed but no one comes close to using one in regular modern baseball ,,, well no one except Jeff “Pinetar” Kornhaas ha-ha.  He uses a 42” bat that is 65oz in modern men’s baseball today to show them the uniqueness of 19th century baseball with the effort to get more good guys to come out and play the “old ball game”

Now Pinetar is the key figure of 19th century baseball in Ct and is known in the early baseball ranks as a main organizer and base ball enthusiast.  Pinetar has put together and managed two teams that represent early base ball in Ct. The first is the Liberty BBC of Ct and the second is the Wethersfield Red Onion BBC.  Wethersfield is the center of most of base ball operations and activities and the richness of the town is prefect for early base ball. Playing and organizing 19th century baseball since 2007 and now having a strong group; of friends all over the country and a strong following with spirited play. The amazing friends Pinetar has met and made along the way is the best part of the story and experience. These people are something special and bring a richness into the game and of life. (ask about the people that play the game and who he has met over the years and then get ready for hours of story time and discussion)

Pinetar always loved to play baseball and all sports and enjoy competition and activities. Going down to Ft Meyers Florida years back for Fantasy baseball with the Red Sox brought back the love with the game and the ability to still play. After finding a team in Ct of the men’s league (MSBL) it was fun again like a little kid. That is where Jeff met a guy who played 19th century baseball and asked to get on his team. Well, it all changed then for the better.

Jeff “Pinetar” Kornhaas was Born and raised in Danbury, CT. great upbringing in a great neighborhood of great people.


Magaly Ponce, Director of Food and Beverage

Magaly Ponce was born in Lima, Peru. She grew up in an entrepreneurial household, and at a young age started working at her parents hospitality and tourism companies. This is how she felt inspired to pursuit her career in this field. She went to Universidad San Ignacio de Loyola and studied Hotel Management. She then continued her studies and enrolled into the Culinary Arts program, where she became a chef. This motivate her to open her own business and in 2004 founded Manhattan Catering, a catering oriented to provide high quality event planning & catering services for social and corporate events. She saw the growing demand on wedding planners, as there were no many in Lima back then, so shortly after she enrolled into a Wedding Planning program and certified herself as a wedding planner. Shortly after she founded Forever Wedding planner. This made her gain popularity in the wedding & event planning industry, which allowed her to have a weekend segment showcasing her weddings in one of the major tv channels in Peru, as well as, obtaining several national and international awards and recognitions for her businesses.

In 2018, Magaly decided to expand her horizons and moved to NYC to join her family in a brand new hospitality project. Magaly alongside her mother Alicia and sister Vanessa founded Qoyas NYC, a food service company that pays tribute to traditional Peruvian cuisine, that cares about showcasing the history, uniqueness and diversity of Peruvian gastronomy by offering catering, private chef and cooking classes services. During the pandemic, Magaly and her family saw an opportunity in expanding the business model of Qoyas and decided to open the 1st Peruvian ghost kitchen in the heart of Manhattan. In December 2020, they founded Qoyas NYC Peruvian Cuisine, a virtual Peruvian restaurant with a diverse menu showcasing the most popular traditional Peruvian dishes, which were available for pick-up and delivery. This project is now thriving and opening new opportunities for the trio.

Magaly’s vision of the bank is to have a space where everyone can showcase their art, for her specially, culinary arts. A hub that gives artists, chefs and food professionals a platform to express with freedom their love and passion for gastronomy, through the details and presentation of her food. Also to be able to show their background, influence and story through gastronomy. Magaly is eager to be a part of this group of professionals and open to share ideas and be a helping hand to anyone interested in her field.


Luana Barcelos, Director of Art

Luana Barcelos was born in Margate, Florida but grew up in the vibrant multicultural city of Danbury, Connecticut. She was raised by her immigrant parents from Brazil. As a first generation student, she knew she would have to work hard to achieve her goals and be a living example of the “American Dream” for her family. She credits her work ethic to her resilient and persevering parents who worked so hard to ensure she would have a better future. Luana will be graduating from the University of Connecticut with a B.S. in Business Administration in the spring of 2022. She may be young, but she has a drive that sets her apart.

At a young age she knew she had a passion for the arts, even if it was just doodling with crayons on the wall. She knew this was something she would be doing for the rest of her life. However, she never imagined that one day she would be executing large scale murals later on in life. She began her journey as an artist at a mere 10 years old and has never let her passion for it dwindle. Present day, she is a freelance muralist and owner of her own LLC, LU AESTHETE. You can see all of the work she has accomplished on her Instagram, @lu.aesthete. Luana has completed over a dozen small and large scale murals in Connecticut and New York. Some of these murals are located in the University of Connecticut, Wellmore Behavioral Health, Cosmopolitan Hair Salon, Matteo’s Multicultural Market, and in her hometown high school.

Luana believes that art is an expression of the human experience. She says, “Whether you may be someone who admires art or may not understand it, or care for it at all, it is all around you. It is in the things we see, the buildings we live in, the clothes we wear. Art is the underlying variable that connects us all and brings people together.” It is her mission to unify people of all walks of life together through art and to make art that provokes further understanding of the beauty that is being human.


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